Saturday, June 25, 2011


With the beautiful weather, our life seems to get more and more hectic.  We have more engagements with friends and family, working on the house(s), playing in the garden, picking the never-ending weed population, walking the dog, playing with the chickens and general upkeep.

I mentioned to Todd that I was feeling overwhelmed, and he brought up a great point: I spend too much time online. I also noticed something else: I watch too much TV.

I have decided that life is more important than keeping up with blog hops (though I love them!), Facebook, message boards and email.  Yes, I will still check them, but only Friday through Sunday and only when I have the time. 

What do I plan to accomplish by doing this?
  • Create and stick with a cleaning schedule
  • Spend quality time with hubby and the “farm”
  • Read (The 90 Day Bible Session will start July 11th!)
  • Cook more meals (instead of making the basics)
  • Get the weeds under control in the flower beds and garden!
  • Take some of the work-load of daily house chores off of Todd
  • Exercise (more walks with the puppy)
  • Relax

I have a week’s worth of blogs to pre-post this weekend and then I will “unplug” starting Monday.  Of course, I will be thinking about the blog and will hopefully have much more content now that I am outside and living life!  I am anxious to see how much I can achieve with the laptop and TV turned off.


  1. You go girl!!! I've slowed way down too. My motto is "if the sun is out than I'm out." I turn the news on at night before I fall asleep but very rarely stay awake to watch it.

  2. :-) Thank you for your support! We will see if I can follow through, though. I am going to have an internet/TV binge all weekend, which isnt very productive. Luckily, it is gloomy and rainy outside though, so I dont feel THAT terribly unproductive.

  3. Finding balance in life can be hard. Good luck in your unplugging. I notice you Are doing the 90 day bible read, I am considering that myself. I bet with more time in the word, you life balance will be fruitful.

  4. Joyfullyjulie,
    The 90 Day Bible is what made me decide to unplug. I told my husband that I signed up with the group and he said, "Great. Something else to occupy your time." I think the 90 Day Bible is a much better use of my time than sitting online browsing and watching TV. I cant wait to see what I can get accomplished when I "unplug!"