Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Preparing for Winter

It seems like Todd and I are always planning a couple of seasons in advance.  When we bought our house, we had a couple of trees that were too close to the house.  We had the trees taken down and we have been letting the wood "season" in the quanset-hut at the property we own next door.

Todd gets oak wood from work that comes on a pallet with product that is needed to make what they manufacture.  The oak plans are free for the taking, and we've learned that the oak burns realy hot.  It is a great way to warm up the house quickly and then the wood from our trees keeps the stove nice and warm for hours after the oak has long burned away.

Two weeks ago, Todd started cutting the oak planks to get ready for Winter and stored them all in the Living Room.

On Friday, Todd bought  a new chainsaw to help cut the wood.  We bought one when we bought the house, but it was not powerful enough and quite frankly, a cheap chainsaw.  The one he bought is much higher quality, and according to Todd, it runs like a dream.  It is amazing how easily and quickly a job can get done when you have the proper tools.

We have a bundle of wood in the Living Room waiting for the cool days to come around. Todd is still working on getting the rest of the wood in the hut cut and split to put in our "wood shed" behind the garage.  We can keep warm for an entire Winter on a cord of wood.  We have enough wood to last us several years.
Even though it's alot of work, we like to plan ahead and prepare for the upcoming seasons.

Are you getting ready for Winter yet?  If so, how?

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