Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our First Year of Collecting Eggs

From Left to Right: Blondie, Latte, Mocha
July 1st marked our first (full) year of our chickens laying eggs.  It has been a learning experience but so much fun to raise these chickens! 


  • From July 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011, our 3 chickens laid 476 eggs*
  • From January 1, 2012 to July 1, 2012, our 3 chickens laid 402 eggs*
  • Total Eggs Laid: 878 (73.16 dozen)
  • We got our first “fart egg” in 2012 (a fart egg is a teeny-tiny egg-so cute!)
  • Total spent on chickens and feed from birth to current date:  $ 140.41
  • Price per dozen: $ 1.92
You may notice that the chickens have not laid as many eggs in 2012 as they did the last half of 2011.  I believe that this is due to going on a 10 day vacation and a broody hen.  There were two days in 2012 that we did not receive a single egg.

Mocha: "What YOU lookin' at?"

Even though we could buy non-organic white eggs at the grocery store for less, we enjoy having the chickens running around the back yard, eating bugs, demolishing kitchen scraps, staring at us as if we are the odd ones, and providing a source of fresh eggs every day.


*This statistic does not include the eggs that were cracked or broken.  It also does not include the eggs that our neighbor collected for us while we were on vacation.  They kept the eggs as a perk for keeping an eye on our little cluckers.


  1. You are amazing about keeping records. I always say I'm going to but have yet. Maybe I don't want to know?!!? :) But we also grow all our of feed for the animals so that helps.

    Hens lay less eggs over the years. I think it averages out to 1 less egg every month for each year.

    1. Lisa,

      Surprisingly, this is the ONE THING I have been able to keep track of without and problems. It is pretty much just a spreadsheet with the days listed and how many eggs we received. Then, when I buy food or snacks, I just put them in the spreadsheet.

      What do you feed your chickens? I'd love to grow the food for the chickens. I am always worried they arent getting the nutrients they need.

      Thank you for the comment! :-)