Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Year Aspirations Follow-Up: Q1

Below is the list of aspirations I made for myself for the New Year.  I will tell you, things arent going as well as I had planned; however, I will not let that discourage me!  I have to work hard in the 2nd quarter to get caught up to be able to attain my goals.  I will highlight and comment only on the areas that are going well..
::Read the 1 Year Bible  
::Lose 25 lbs and be more mindful of my health 
::Read 24 books :  Right now, I am on my 12th book this year! This number will stop growing when I can be outside working on the garden.
::Learn about medicinal herbs
::Minimalize wardrobe and buy new (to me) clothes that flatter by body type (Dress Your Best )

::Do not take in any more critters! So far, a success this year. :-)
::Learn how to save our own seeds
::Expand the garden to be able to preserve more
::Make a chicken garden to feed the chickens self-sufficiently throughout the year
::Grow herbs for medicinal purposes

::Pay down (at least) $10,000 principal on the mortgage :
So far, we've paid over $6,000 toward the principal of our mortgage!  We are well on our way!



  1. This is super-inspiring. I want to learn to make goals like these because without goals, it is too easy to float from day to day, drifting forward on the calendar and not achieving anything. As for whether you will be triumphant in all of your 2013 goals. Well, let's just say I wouldn't bet AGAINST you!

    1. Antonio,
      Thank you for the comment and your support! I agree that without goals, it's easy to float from day to day...which is why I try to have some. complete them, that's another story! :-)