Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mission Accomplished

When we first purchased my cute little Bianca back in August of 2006, I made the statement that I wanted to keep her until she hit 200,000 miles.  At that time, I thought the goal was unachievable seeing as my last new car had hit 85,000 miles and was nearly falling apart! A few short years later, she hit 100,000 miles with very little maintenance required.  I then decided I wanted to see her hit 250,000 miles.  Closer to 175,000 miles, I decided she would probably last until 500,000 miles!

Front of Bianca
2007 Toyota Yaris 3D Hatchback

Back end of the cutest car ever...
As of May 28, 2014, this adorable little car hit 200,000 miles.  I have never owned a car with more than 145,000 miles on it.  She has been SO reliable and has needed next to NO maintenance.  Heck, she is still on her original clutch which is unheard of for a standard vehicle!  She survived a suicidal deer almost 2 years ago with minimal damage (considering how big the buck was!) and consistently gives me 42-45mpg!  I wish I didnt drive as much as I do, but I am glad I have the car that I've got.

Dont mind the dust... :-)  
Woot! Woot!
How many people can say they watched their car hit 200,000 miles?!?
When we hit the road full-time RVing, we would like to get a 4 door sedan so that the puppies can easily get in and out of it.  My thought is that if Bianca is still going strong at that point, we should keep her for as long as she is a reliable source of transportation!  And c' have to admit, she is so darn cute!!

Here's to another 200,000+ miles, Bianca!!

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