Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas is Around the Corner!

Christmas is just around the corner, and the little elves have been working quite a bit around here to prepare for the upcoming holiday.  This is what they have completed:
62 bottles of homemade wine (2 different flavors)
13 large bottles of homemade strawberry margaritas

52 bottles of homemade microbrew beer

Jars of applesauce & applie pie in a jar

Coming up in production:

Apple Butter

How are you preparing for the Holidays?


  1. What else could you possibly need: alcohol and pie! A perfect combination.

  2. Amazing stuff. :) Homemade is best! My friends are getting homemade vanilla extract this year. I think next year: cinnamon & vanilla vodka. I made a test batch this year and it was amazing. (I use vodka distilled elsewhere though... I'm not moonshining in my back yard or anything!)

  3. Kathy - I'm right there with ya! :-)

    Carrie - great idea about the cinnamon & vanilla vodka! I would love the recipe (for next year, of course) if you'd like to share!!