Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The cost of Gardening (March)

We have had such great weather here in the Midwest (NorthEast Ohio) that we have been able to work on the garden without having to worry about the weather.  It has been wonderful!!!

In early March, Todd built the trellis' to put in our new red raspberry patch.  Also, in early March, we started our jalapeno seeds.  One packet of seeds was enough to fill a complete flat of little starters. We had two packets of seeds!!  That is alot of jalapenos!

Jalapeno seeds at the end of March

This is what our main garden area looked like at the end of March.  We bought some "super soil" to build mounds on the ground to plant zucchini, onions, spaghetti squash and pie pumpkin.  We have not yet planted anything in the staw bales.

Garden Area

The costs of gardening in March include:

  • Stakes for the beans in the garden (4 x $3.69 = $14.76)
  • Super Soil ($44.00)
  • Miracle Grow ($10.98)
Total for March*: $69.74
Total cost up to March for the garden: $95.29
Total cost this year for the garden: $165.03

I noticed at the end of the month something that I have been waiting to grow in the "root garden."  Let's see if you can guess what they are:

Asparagus!  I planted asparagus in the "old garden" in October, not knowing if they would make it because it was so late in the season.  When I went back to the "old garden" the last week of March, I found about 20 spears of asparagus!  Yay!

We have been keeping busy getting ready for planting season next month.  I cant wait!

How is your garden coming along?

*We have been adding alot of fruits to our property this year, that are not included in these numbers.  The garden numbers are just what we grow in the vegetable garden.

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  1. Here in WV the weather has been great as well! We have lots of plants already in the garden and more to go. Everything is lookin great in yours!