Thursday, March 21, 2013

Saving Money: Print and Media

I have written before about going to the library, but I thought it was worth mentioning again.  To read the original post, you can find it here. 

We take advantage of our library every single week.  You can find me there picking up new release DVD’s, old DVD’s that we may have missed, movies I enjoy and want to watch again, audio books, and physical books.  I don’t believe in purchasing DVD’s or books unless I know I will watch or read them more than once.  This not only saves us money, but keeps stuff from accumulating around the house.

Lately, we have gotten into more resources our library has available. 

I will admit that I enjoy reading magazines from time to time.  Instead of purchasing my own subscription, I get the magazines each and every month from the library.  Hubby has found this resource invaluable when doing research from Consumer Reports.

We had a gentleman come to our door asking if we wanted to get the local paper several weeks back: We declined.  We are able to check out newspapers from our town, the three larger cities around our town as well as national newspapers from our library.  We are not news or newspaper type of people – we enjoy a life where the negativity stays out of our home.  Some call it ignorance; however, we are unapologetic about being uninformed.  If a news story interests us online, we will read it.  We don’t like to be inundated with it.

Free Classes
Not only does our library offer book discussions, there are also classes to learn how to knit, use/create Google Docs, estate planning, seed-swapping and many other courses throughout the year.  I am amazed at how much our library offers considering we are a town of 5,000 residents!

Our library also offers a free online program to learn how to speak different languages.  I would like to learn how to speak Spanish, Italian and French one day.  Maybe I will try to re-learn Spanish come winter when there is no garden work to be done. 

What programs does your library offer?
Do you take advantage of them?


  1. I just got home from our closest local library. I was doing some tutoring but I always enjoy spying on the current classes or browsing for books.

    Good post, great site.

    Glad we found it.


    1. I love it! :-)
      The ladies at the library know me by name and know they can expect to see me once a week. Thank you for your comment!

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