Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Purge-A-Palooza: Bathroom Results

I cant believe it’s already the end of the month!
This month, our purge-a-palooza ended up more extensive than it could have been due to my husband wanting to redo the bathroom.  I am so proud of him for actually finishing the remodel of the bathroom within two weeks!! It turned out great!  We are enjoying our “new to us” bathroom on a very minimal budget. 

Todd also added quite a bit more storage.  I am finding that we have more storage than we know what to do with, which is fine!  Todd has his cabinet (above the toilet) and I have mine (across from the toilet.) 
My New Storage Space

Todd's New Storage Space
I am learning that I have a really hard time getting rid of “stuff.”  I have a basket of lotions that I don’t use on a daily basis.  I’d like to use them, but I just don’t.  I cant seem to bring myself to get rid of them.  So my new rule is - either use them or they are gone in 1 month!

Another thing I learned is that we have a lot of towels!  Oh my goodness!  So, we separated them.  We now have towels that are used for our showers and for washing the cars or any pet accidents (like when a chicken getsattacked by a moose!)

We have not purged any of the towels.  I would like to cut up some of these towels and start using them in place of paper towels and napkins.

Todd took out the cabinet that was in the closet and bought a metal shelf system for the closet.  It turned out really well, and gives us a lot more usable space in the closet!  One feature that I like the most is the laundry basket in the closet.  We used to always leave a pile of clothes on the bathroom floor when we got into the shower, and it stayed there until it piled up.  Now, we have a nice little cubby for a laundry basket that the clothes magically make their way into before our showers!

I had bought the cute little green and brown baskets on clearance last year at Big Lots to use for Christmas gifts.  I used several of them, and had several left over.  They are great for putting small items in and putting them in the closet!  Also, Todd bought the black baskets from Deal$ for $1/each. They house my curling iron, hair dryer(s) and other items in separate, easy to find compartments!

 These are the renovation pictures.

Sink abd Vanity Before

Countertop and Vanity Before

New Countertop

New Vanity

When we first moved in, Todd made our countertops with tile and wood in the bathroom.  He did a great job, but they were not made to last.  This time, we got real countertops.  This countertop was found at a closeout home improvement store for $26!  I love the color and the look of the new countertop.  The sink, faucet, light fixture and mirror are all the same.  If it’s not broke, why fix it, right?

The new vanity was made out of blank cabinets and slid right into place.  It is not your typical vanity, but let me tell you, it was a lot less expensive!  Todd stained the wood to the color that we like and it worked out well!  We recycled the knobs from our old vanity, and added a neat little trash container we found at IKEA while we were out of town mid-month.  It saves a lot of space by being on the back of the door.  You cant beat the price either, at $3.99!

I didn’t take a picture of the inside of our bathtub – it was gross. The cheap surround we originally installed had turned colors and was just flat out unappealing.  The new tub surround is gorgeous, and I’m glad Todd talked me into the sliding glass doors.  I think it has helped open the bathroom up!

Before New Tub Surround and Doors
New Doors and Tub Surround
I was not expecting a new medicine cabinet, but Todd was set on it when he was going out to buy the new supplies for our bathroom. I’m glad he did. I like the look of the oak cabinets and they have much more usable space in them than the original cabinets!
Medicine Cabinet Before

Originally, the budget was set at $1,000 to redo the bathroom.  That number was quickly revised to $1,500 when Todd decided he wanted to get a new tub surround ($300) and put in sliding glass doors ($300.)  That being said, he was under budget by over $200.  This bathroom remodel should last us a very, very long time.  We tried to keep things as neutral as possible so that when we want a “change” in the future, we can just change out towels with brighter colors and put up new pictures or shower curtain.

So, there you have it!  This post was much longer than I expected, but my handy hubby did an awesome job, and I had to show it off.    We purged quite a bit, but I didnt docuemnt it.  Next month, I will. I promise.
How did your purge go this month?

Next month, we are onto the Master Bedroom.  I am not looking forward to this purge.  There is so much to go through, it seems that it will be a daunting task.  But, we must move forward!  Onto the Master Bedroom!!! 


  1. It looks great Meg! You guys did a great job!

  2. I love your new countertop. And only $26! Wow!

    The organized closet looks great. Now I am wishing for a day to do that in my bathroom. This week is full up though!

  3. I love your bathroom! He did a great job and I'm sure you guys will enjoy it.

  4. This looks great and I can't believe y'all did so much for so little! I love the black cabinet & new countertop!!

  5. Thank you, everyone! Hubby has the "home improvement" bug this year, and I'm gonna let him keep on going! Right now, he's working on our pantry. One of these years, the house will be complete! :-)

  6. I'm in the middle of a similar job... tell me it's going to all work out...