Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wounded Chicken

Last Tuesday, out of the clear blue, our 15 month old puppy attacked Blondie, our 5 month old chicken.  Of course, this happened while I was at work, but I guess that is probably a good thing.  Lana got the discipline of her life from Todd (I don’t do well with discipline).  Todd had put Lana in the back yard with the chickens while he was getting ready to go somewhere after I had left for work and that’s when the attack took place.

Our animals have coexisted pretty well since day one.  Lana has been around the chicks since we brought them home, always inquisitive, but never hurting them.  Then Tuesday, she got Blondie, and she got her good.

Todd, bless his heart, always seems to have to deal with the sick or injured animals.  He would have to be at the house when we had the vet come out and vaccinate or medicate our pot bellied pig, Squiggy.  He had to take 175 lb Squiggy to the vet when our pigger got into some rat poison many years ago.  He’s taken care of kittens that we have taken in with horrible infections and wounds, and now, a wounded chicken.

Immediately, Todd went online to see how to address her wounds.  Blondie lost a lot of her feathers, and has a couple of wounds.  After doing a full inspection, he determined no bones were broken.  Then, he went to get antiseptic and sprayed on her wounds (which we found out we shouldn’t have done).   He gave her food and water and quarantined her to a small area for her to rest, wrapped up in a blanket to keep her warm. 

To be honest, we were surprised she survived the first night.  The second day, we put her out in the yard to run around and get some of the stink blown off of her.  She wasn’t too interested in finding bugs or running around. By the third day, she was with her sisters (while I watched her) to see how they did together.  Day four, she laid an egg!  Now, day seven, we are reintroducing her to sleep in the roost with the others.   I am hoping that the other two dont peck at her, so I will be out there at midnight to ensure everyone is OK, and Todd will check again at 3:30AM when he gets up for work!

I will tell you this, it is never a dull moment around here. 
I suppose that comes with owning animals.

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  1. I am so glad to here she is doing better Meg.