Thursday, May 3, 2012

5 Years of Marriage

Picture of us before we got married: camping!

Today, my husband and I celebrate 5 years of marriage.  As you read this, we are coasting down the Colorado River for our anniversary  celebration and making great memories together.

In the past five years, we have…

  • Laughed a lot
  • Raised several animals together
  • Traveled to marvelous places all over the United States
  • Survived Todd flying an airplane!
  • Created a home together
  • Had many disagreements
  • Several nights where we went to bed angry
  • Attended a dozen counseling sessions
  • Cried tears of loss (our precious pot bellied pig, Squiggy)
  • Shed tears of fear  (not knowing if our marriage would make it)
  • Worked out our differences

That is a lot to go through in a short time-frame.  Out of all of this, the one thing that we’ve done most is love, and that trumps all the hurt and pain we’ve experienced and brought upon one another at points in our marriage.  Love and perseverance won! 

I am anxious to see what the next 5 years together will bring us. If it is anything like the past 5 years, it will be challenging, but well worth it!


  1. Happy 5th Anniversary Meg & Todd! And, yay for May anniversaries! :)

  2. Thank you, Rachel! We are having a great 5 year anniversary week! And you are right: YAY for May Anniversaries! :-)

  3. Great List! Congrats!!! many more years!