Monday, May 7, 2012

The Cost of Gardening (April)

I am happy to report that we have spent no money on the garden in the month of April!  I will tell you that the spinach I attempted to grow did not come up: at all!  Maybe next year, I will attempt to plant spinach in an area that gets more sun and has better soil (the garden in the front of La Maison de Merde).
In the month of April, I planted:

The reason we decided to try the straw bale garden method is because it was mentioned that there aren’t as many weeds.  I don’t know if the farmer who sold us straw actually gave us a few bales of hay or what, but we’ve got some major rye grass coming up!

I had to pick as much of the grass out as possible to ensure our pea pods would grow properly.  I will admit, it wasn’t nearly as bad as weeds that usually grow in our gardens.  But it is annoying to see another blade that needs pulled amongst the beautiful pea pod sprouts. 

Since the middle of March, I had wanted to plant the onion seeds indoors.  I had it on my to-do list forever.  Mid-April, I decided to just plant them in the ground and hope for the best!  Onions take for-ever to grow, according to the package.  120 days!  This is the area I planted 3 packets of onion seeds.

That’s all I have to report on the garden.  Here are some pictures of other fruits that are growing around the yard:

Dwarf Plum

Pear Tree

Raspberry Canes
(that werent supposed to come back in this area!)

I forgot to take a picture of our blueberry plants, but they have started to flower!

The Nitty Gritty:
January: $35.29
February: $60
March: $69.74
April: $0

Total Spent on the Garden in 2012: $165.03

How is your garden coming along this year?


  1. So exciting to watch everything start to grow!! And woohoo for spending $0 in April.

    My garden is growing pretty good...I'm pretty positive I'll be picking our very first squash and lettuce this evening!!

    1. Yay for fresh veggies! :-) We havent even planted the squash yet (we buy these from a nursery). I love-love-love squash! What kind of lettuce did you plant? We did not have any luck with planting spinach this year. I may try again at the end of the season, or wait until next spring and try again.