Thursday, November 29, 2012

Keep Up With ‘em? I Don’t Even LIKE ‘em!

…the Joneses, that is.

While driving 5 hours round-trip to my grandmother’s house on Thanksgiving day, I thought a lot about the Joneses and how much I do not look up to them.  There are so many people who do. 

There are people in my life that desperately want to keep up with the Joneses.  It is always about appearances and who has what.  Even though they have a beautiful family and more posessions than they know what to do with, they always want more.  I’m sure you know a few people like this too.

It may be my stubborn nature or my resistence to being like everyone else, but I don’t look up to material possesions.  I was thinking aloud while we were on our road trip about what I look up to* and who I am striving to become. 

This is what my (ideal) Jones family would look like!

  • A happy, healthy, hands-on family (spends quality time together)
  • Does not care about the latest and greatest kchotchke (fashion, gadgets, toys, vehicles, vacations, etc.)
  • Lives well below their means
  • Has paid off their mortgage
  • Has a cushion in the bank
  • Has the freedom to do what they love as a career and not have to worry about how much they make doing it
  • Want what they have (contentment)
I am fortunate enough to know a couple who meet most of the points above…and they are not Warren Buffet.   It is nice knowing them because it proves to me the possibility to accomplish these goals in life and getting rid of the rat-race.

 What does your “Jones Family” look like?

 *This is what I want in my life.  Everyone is different and if you don’t want the same things I do, I wouldnt hold it against you. 

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