Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Feast

I am not one to watch or even enjoy football.  However, I know that Todd enjoys football.  Todd mentioned a deal from PizzaHut that he wanted to try.

After telling him that I was going to order this Dinner Box for the Super Bowl, Todd decided it wasnt worth it.  So...I was on a mission to try to make a Super Bowl meal that was comparable.

This is what I bought from the grocery store the day before:

DiGiorno Pizza - $5 (on sale),  Chicken Drumticks $2.53,
and potoatoes (about $0.50 worth)

And this is what we ate for the Super Bowl:

We ate well for just a little over $8...and we had leftovers.
I love that my husband WANTS to eat in instead of going out for fast food.

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