Friday, May 2, 2014

Lucky Number 7

It is hard to believe that as of tomorrow, Todd and I will have been married 7 years.  I wish I knew where the photos from our wedding day are (we got a disc only – no prints), but I don’t.  It is very possible that I may have thrown the disc away. Oops.

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest.  This was not the case in our marriage.  The first 6 ½ years were difficult!  There has been yelling, tears, anger, frustration, and nights slept in separate bedrooms.  There were (many many) meetings with a counselor, slammed doors, denial, blame games, flying objects, appointments to view other living arrangements, threats and ultimatums.  Our marriage has not been a picture perfect marriage by a long shot. 

But we stuck it out.  It has not been ALL bad.  There were really great times thrown into those bad times.  I think it took us 6 ½ years to figure out each other’s (odd) personality traits.  We have learned that when we start to lead separate lives (he does his thing, I do my thing – only coming together to kiss each other good night and fall asleep), explosions in our marriage start to take place.  When we spend time doing things such as taking a walk with the dogs, watching a movie together, doing yard-work and planning for the future – things are a lot smoother in our marriage. 

We have the dream of full time RVing in the next year and a half, but I will admit, I am afraid that Todd will drive me absolutely bonkers!  We both have a tendency to be goofy at times.  Sometimes he is the corn-ball, and sometimes, I am beyond punny (funny puns)!  But we are committed to making this work.  Sometimes I don’t want to work any more on our marriage, but we do it anyways.  We forgive even though we don’t necessarily forget.   We have had too many good times to throw it all away over the bad ones.

As is tradition, we are going away for our anniversary this year.  This year will be our first camping trip in the RV – boondocking!  We are trying to determine if we are really cut out for a life on the road without electricity and running water.  It can barely be called “roughing it” because the RV is just gorgeous on the inside with a kitchen, bathroom, lights and two television sets!  Heck, it’s nicer than our home!

In years past, we have done the following for our anniversary trips:

Honeymoon: Alaskan Cruise (in-credible!) & Seattle, WA
1st Anniversary: GatlinburgTN
2nd Anniversary: Lancaster, PA 
3rd Anniversary:  WashingtonDC  and Chesapeake BeachMD
4th Anniversary: BeverlyWV 
5th Anniversary: Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon
6th Anniversary: Columbus, OH

I have fond memories of each of these trips as I'm sure I will have fond memories of this one.  As a counselor once told us: "Plan for tomorrow, you havent screwed that up yet!"  I love this quote, because that is all we can do.  No matter what today may  bring - we always have tomorrow to look forward to.

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