Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saving Money on Vacation: Day 1

Todd and I have always said that “money doesn’t buy happiness” and that we don’t need money to have fun.  While we were in Elkins, WV for our 4 day weekend getaway the first weekend of this month, we found out how much fun we could have with very few expenses!

Over the next four days, I will show you how we saved money on our trip.

The first way we saved money on this trip is that we found a location that wasn’t too far from home.  Todd and I love the mountains, so I pulled up a map online and noticed the Monongahela National Forest not too far away.  It was actually 4 hours and 15 minutes away to be exact.  Instead of taking Todd’s vehicle, which averages 28 MPG, we took this cute little thing:

She gets anywhere from 38-45MPG.  On this trip, because we were so loaded, she got 38MPG on average, costing us less than $75 round trip in gasoline.

Next, I went to find lodging.  I am sure there were hotels that we could have stayed at for $80/night with a continental breakfast. Instead, we found this cabin on 46 acres of land:


Family Room

Looking Into Loft

Other Side of Loft


Hot Tub
One selling point of the cabin was that it was pet-friendly!  That alone saved us $20/day in kennel costs.
This was Lana’s first long ride in the car.

Tomorrow, I will show you the activities we did to save money while still enjoying ourselves!


  1. That cabin is AWESOME!!! Do you mind if I ask you where you went to look? We are also taking a mini vaca in June, and I would LOVE it if we could find something like that! Cute dog!! ;)--S

  2. Good morning! :-)
    We use www.vrbo.com to search for cabins such as these. So far, we've used that website for 3 vacations and have yet to be disappointed. The price has been right for all three vacations and the people have been awesome that own the house(s). VRBO means Vacation Rental by Owner.

    Thank you for stopping by...so early! :-)