Monday, April 30, 2012

We’re Leaving On A Jet Plane!

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.  ~Seneca

Every year on our anniversary, Todd and I like to get away, and this year is no different.  Right now, as you read this, Todd and I are on our way to Las Vegas, NV and the Grand Canyon for our 5th Wedding Anniversary! 

Over the years, we have visited:

Honeymoon: Alaskan Cruise (in-credible!)
1st Anniversary: Gatlinburg, TN
2nd Anniversary: Lancaster, PA
3rd Anniversary:  Washington, DC & Chesapeake Beach, MD
4th Anniversary: Beverly, WV

One reason we pinch pennies throughout the year is so that we are able to take vacations each and every year.  I grew up in a family that took a vacation practically every year.  If it wasn’t to a new place to learn and explore, we went camping at Cook’s Forrest in Pennsylvania.  I think I have influenced Todd over the years to take at least one vacation, whether it was 8 hours away from home or 3 hours away from home!  Thus far, he has yet to complain!

This year is a “big one” for us!  This will be the first time Todd has been to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon (I have been to both once with my family).  We will be away for 9 days total, and I am exhausted just thinking about it.  The first two days, we will be staying in Las Vegas and exploring all the fun things to do and see (for free!) in the area. We will then make the trek to the Hoover Dam, along with a few other stops on the way to the Grand Canyon. 

We are then staying at the Grand Canyon for a full week.  We are planning on many scenic views and memorable hikes through parts of the Grand Canyon.  And on the actual date of our anniversary, we will be rafting down the Colorado River.  I cannot think of anything more exciting to do with my hubby on such a momentous occasion!

Later this week, I will repost an article I wrote for Financial Excellence back in February about how we save money on travel.  Even though we are spending the money to fly on this trip, we will be implementing many of the tips listed in this article while we are half-way across the country.

Just as fair warning, you may be inundated with photos and stories when we get back.

Bon Voyage!

Do you and your other half get away every year to celebrate your marriage?

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