Wednesday, July 10, 2013

175,000 Miles in Less than 7 Years

On June 19th, this little cutie hit 175,000 miles! Let me tell you, this car is a champ.  Her name: Bianca.  She has reliably transported me to and from work every day, made a trek to Gatlinburg, TN, Niagara Falls, Beverly, WV and many other road trips in between.  She even survived a suicidal deer attack back in July 2012 and had a bit of “plastic surgery” to fix her up. I bought her in August of 2006 (even though she is considered a 2007) brand new when Yaris first came to the United States for less than $12,000.  It should be noted that before Bianca, I never owned a vehicle for more than 3 ½ years (a sad statistic, but true).  Bianca will be turning 7 years old August 6th.

This car has needed nothing but general maintenance.  It should be noted that she still has her original clutch! (I finally broke it in after 6 years!)  I would love to see Bianca hit 250,000 miles, and at this rate, that will be in the next 3 years.  We still drive her on long trips because she gets great gas mileage at 42-45MPG.  The two of us fit fine in the car with plenty of room for the 72 lb pup in the back seat and luggage in the trunk.

I would really like to witness a car hit 500,000 miles, and if any car could do that, it would be Bianca (in another 10+ years).  Until then, we will keep maintaining and admiring this cute little car of ours.

What is the most miles you’ve had on your vehicle?
Please share the year/make/model too!

To read about when Bianca hit 150,000 miles, you can click here


  1. Congrats! Go for the record!!

    1. Lol. We are trying. Of course, after I wrote this, we had horrible floods and I may have gone through some high water at 40MPH thus taking off the heat shield under my car. Thankfully, hubby was able to put it back into place and it's been fine ever since. :-)