Friday, July 5, 2013

Acting Poor

There was an article written earlier this week about “acting poor” to give you choices.  I feel like this is what Todd and I have been doing more so now than ever before.  Make no mistake, we spend money on things that are important to us; however, for everything else, we make it ourselves (thank goodness for a handy hubby!), buy used, shop around, or do without. 

There are so many people we know who say “I couldn’t live like you do.”  I don’t understand what we are doing that makes people think that we do not enjoy our life or that we live a life of poverty.  We feel quite the opposite, actually.  We feel know we live a life of abundance!  We lack for nothing.  We have traveled, experienced and learned so much because we aren't afraid to jump in with both feet (homesteading, raising a pig, raising chickens, remodeling a house) and  have had more fun than most people we know.  We have done more in our short marriage than some people have done in their entire lives!

Here’s the thing:  We take pleasure in finding a good deal and saving our pennies.  I find satisfaction in making my own baked goods from scratch, making enough homemade laundry detergent that lasts the entire year for $3.62,  growing of our food, shopping at thrift stores, browsing flea markets, going to garage sales, cancelling the cable, downgrading our cell phone plans, attempting to be more energy efficient by using the dryer and dishwasher less and installing smart strips as well as negotiating prices for our utilities.  We take pride in going on cheap dates together.  Again, this may seem extreme to some people, but we do this so that we can spend our money on what is important to us: experiences together!  Annual anniversary trips, surprise birthday fun, investing in time together and spending time and traveling with family. 

If acting poor enables us to do all of these things together, I will gladly give up the smartphones, new cars and eating out multiple times a week.  For us, it's worth it.  Not only does acting poor enable us to create lasting memories together, it also enables us to reach for our goal of financial independence

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