Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Bianca!

There is something to be said for reliable vehicles, and Bianca has been one of them!

I adore my car.  Her name is Bianca (yes, we name our vehicles) and this past Saturday, she turned 5 years old!  I’ve had her since August 6, 2006 even though she is considered a 2007 Toyota Yaris.  This has been the longest I've ever owned a car! 

I decided to get a less expensive car 5 years ago with absolutely NO options.  The Yaris just hit the lots, and to be honest, I didn’t like the little 3 door hatchback.  However, the goal was to get a reliable, fuel efficient vehicle at the best price.  Todd and I were talking about getting the 4 door, but he reminded me of my requirements of a less expensive vehicle with no frills.  So, after going back to the lot at looking at her again, I fell in love with Bianca.
You may be wondering how she got that name.  It is because she is white.  In Spanish, white is "blanco."  I didnt like the name "blanco" so I named her Bianca.

Bianca just turned 130,000 miles on Friday in only 5 years of ownership.  She gets anywhere from 38-45 MPG.  In the Winter months when I have my snow tires, she gets around 38MPG.  I have to manually roll up and down my windows and no power seats or anything (oh, how have I survived? *sarcastic*). She is a standard, so not even her shifting is automatic!  I have to put my key in the lock to open the door, even in the pouring rain.  She does have an MP3 jack which has come in handy to listen to podcasts on my hour drive to and from work every day.  I absolutely adore her.

She has had nothing done but new brakes after 70,000 miles and new tires.  We (meaning Todd) changes her oil every 5,000 miles as recommended.  He also gave her a 100,000 mile tune up with new air filter, new spark plugs and a good wax job.  She runs the same as she did 5 years ago, but looks a little more cute.  Todd bought me a spoiler for her one Christmas. 
The best part?  She’s completely paid off!
I plan on owning her until she becomes unreliable.  I originally told Todd I’d like to see her hit 1 million miles, but for now, I would be thrilled to see her hit 250,000.  If nothing changes with my driving and employment , that would be in 5 years.

I enjoy looking at cars; however, there is no other vehicle I’d rather have more than my little Bianca.  She has been a great car thus far, and I’m sure she will be for many years to come.

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  1. I'm a little jealous...
    My car is 16 years old and totaled :( But I suppose it's paid off too. lol