Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm A Cheap Date

Todd and I like to go out a couple times a month.  This usually consists of lunch and a movie.  It is a bit of a game for us to see how little we can spend on a date. 

This is what our date yesterday consisted of:

My date

Lunch (we love the all you can eat soup & salad!)

Total Bill for the two of us: $15.97
We used a gift card from Christmas making it FREE to us!
 Frugal Note: Olive Garden offers samples of wine for $0.25/each.  This is enough for the both of us to enjoy the wine, but not spend $6.95/glass! 

Dollar Theater!
We went to see our first 3D movie which was $3/person.  That is
a fraction of the cost to see it at a "normal" theater when it first comes out!

A woman asked if we'd take her picture with her daughter, and she took one of us!

Total date: $6
If we didnt have a gift card from Christmas, we still would have spent less than $25 for the date.
Cant beat it.  We'll most likely do it again next month sometime!


  1. What a great time and a great price! I wish we had a dollar theater around here. Last 3d movie we went and saw we paid $13.50 a person! It's crazy

  2. you guys are so cute. Hey I wanted to tell you I'm doing the Bible challenge too but not in 90 days. Thanks for the info and encouragement to do it. I also wanted to tell you I posted a date me and hubby did. It's a bit odd. Ha ha

  3. oh looks like you had a fun day too!

    Kimberly's Korner

  4. super love the picture of "your date". LoL

  5. Awesome! Sounds like a great date :)
    We went to the movies as well today. We also have a Dollar Theater but ours won't play the 3D movies :( They still want $14 a ticket for 3D.