Friday, June 24, 2011

Frugal Finds

Todd and I love to go to flea markets and garage sales.  This past weekend we decided to go to several garage sales looking for items I need to make Christmas Gifts.  This is what we came home with:

All said, we spent $12.85 and had a great time!  There are two items not shown:

  1. Pack of 3 medium-sized twine/branch looking decorative spheres
  2. Metal food dish (for a dog)

We gave the decorative spheres to Todd’s mom because we knew she’d love them. They were $2 with a tag from Kirkland’s showing $10!  They were still in the package, brand new.   The metal food dish was $1 and the reason it wasn’t in the picture is because it was already in use!

The other items we purchased are:
  • 10 t-shirts for $0.15/each!  Todd will use them as his work shirts.
  • Chip clip - $0.25 (this one Todd wanted – I could have done without)
  • Purse - $0.50
  • 2 vases - $0.10 for one, $0.25 for the other
  • 1 picture frame with  “Recipe for a Happy Marriage”
  • Travel Coffee Mug - $0.10 (I am using it as I type this with water in it! Love it!)
  • A bundle of silverware - $0.25 (will be used for a homemade Christmas gift)
  • 2 wooden bowls - $1
  • 3 different decorative glass knick-knacks - $0.25/each - will be made into Christmas gifts
  • Frosted teacup and saucer $0.25/each - will be made into a Christmas gift
  • Vinegar & Oil - $3.00/both  - will be made into 2 Christmas gifts
I liked the purse, so I bought it.  After we bought it, the woman stated that it was a vintage purchase that was her grandmother’s.  I was amazed because it does not show any wear: it was well taken care of!   

I will have to say that my favorite purchase of the day was (and still is) the framed “Recipe for a Happy Marriage.”  It had been a rough week in our home, and this message is exactly what we needed to remind us of the recipe.  I saw the poem first and showed it to Todd thinking he’d say “no” to me buying it.  Surprisingly, he seemed to like it as much as I did!  I plan on making several of these and giving them away as wedding gifts.  

Instead of asking about your frugal find for the week, I'd love to see them!  I am finally posting a linky and would like to see what you have found this week and how you plan on using it.

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  1. The only thing I have gotten out for this week is a graduation gift and I can not post how cheaply I got it. I was gifted a GC from Kohl's in honor of them opening a new store. Then I bought an item that was 90% off, so it ended up only costing me a few pennies plus tax.
    Definitely frugal!

  2. We picked up a bull calf for free yesterday! We went to an auction and bought one and asked to bring home the one they were going to just kill. A little TLC and this morning he's hopin' around! Like your post the other day about asking for deals...never hurts to ask!

  3. It all counts to me! :-) Thank you for the comments!