Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Garden Harvest: 06/21/11

The garden is alot of work this year: the weeds are absolutely horrendous!  But, we have had some fruit/vegetables to harvest over the past week. I am making mental notes on what I'd like to do different next year, what to plant more of, etc.

Our second harvest of snow peas
The snow peas are still going strong!

Green Beans - eaten by bugs!

Eggplant - eaten by bugs!



The tiny 2 inch tall plant with a tomato on it. 

I have decided that next year, I am going to grow alot more of the snow peas.  Todd loves them, and the way I planted them, I just scattered them on the ground.  Next year, we will have a homemade trellis using metal stakes across a bed.  We will most likely have two or three rows in the bed to get as many as we can get.  The way I did it this year, it is just a messy cluster, but I'm so glad they are producing!

Now, the strawberries: I have been picking a few and eating them here and there. 

So...did you think I picked all of these berries from our measly little plants? We didnt.  I went  to a local pick-your-own farm  two weeks ago by myself and picked 9 1/2 lbs within 30 minutes.  Todd and I went again this past weekend and picked another 13 lbs.  I am looking forward to making strawberry jam for Christmas gifts and for myself! I love strawberry jam!!

On a side note, the three chickens that we have left are doing great.  They are so nice and friendly.  We are looking forward to the eggs within the next two months (hopefully!)

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