Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Green Zone: Deoderant Rock

Back in July of 2010, I had this overwhelming feeling that I wanted to prevent myself from getting breast cancer any way I could.  It was an intuition of sorts.  I started to drink “green smoothies” and learned about aluminum in the typical deodorant I used.  A month later, I found out my grandmother had breast cancer.

After researching deodorant rocks, I found stores online that sold them.  The price was a bit expensive, especially since I get my deodorant for $0.50 - $1.00 each when on sale and with double coupons.  Todd and I decided to try our local health food store to see if they may have one, and sure enough, they did.  I bought it and haven’t turned back since. 

I absolutely love the deodorant rock!  It doesn’t have a scent, but it works, which is all I really need!  I usually apply the rock to my under arms immediately after I get out of the shower.  The first weekend I had it, I wanted to test and see how long it would last.  It was two days and then I had to get a shower and reapply.  That’s not bad for July heat! 

I have always had sensitive underarms.  This product does not irritate my arms one bit, even after shaving.  I have read articles about people who bought one to use for stinky feet, which I thought was interesting.

The only thing that may be awkward at first with the deodorant rock is that it is not an antiperspirant.  Your underarms will still be wet when you sweat; however, there is no bad odor!  Another thing I like about it is that there are no more deodorant stains on my clothes.

I paid a little over $7.00 for my deodorant rock, but we are almost to the one year mark and it does not appear to have gotten any smaller since I bought it.  I did drop it once and it chipped a little off a corner, but it is still a very nice sized rock.  I look forward to using it for as long as it will last.  It may eventually end up being less expensive than “regular deodorant.”  To me, the cost was not an issue (even though I am a natural tight-wad!) I am striving to become healthier and creating new habits that will prevent illness and extend my life.

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  1. That's great Meg.. Since my breast cancer scare a few months back I started using alcohol with great success. I started putting it on with a cotton ball but have since refilled an old washed out body spray bottle and I spritz it on. I too will sweat but there is no odor.