Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Different Flavors in Eggs (Store-Bought vs. Fresh)

One of my favorite breakfasts is dippy eggs and toast.  For me, there is nothing better in the world.
A couple of weeks ago, Todd was extremely sick, and the only thing he could eat was eggs and grits!  The chickens weren't producing enough eggs to keep up with Todd eating them, so I had to buy eggs from the grocery store.

Our eggs vs. store-bought eggs

Everyone always talks about the difference in farm fresh eggs and store-bought eggs.  When we made the transition to our chicken's eggs exclusively (when they produced enough for us), I really couldnt tell the difference. 

This past weekend, we had a couple more white eggs in the fridge, so I decided to do a taste test.

Can you tell which is the store-bought and which is the brown chicken egg?

I was surprised not to see that much of a difference in the egg while cooking.  The store-bought egg is on the left, while the brown chicken egg is on the right.

Even though they looked the same, the taste in fact was very different.
To me, when I ate the store-bought egg, it didnt taste like anything!  When I started dipping into the fresh chicken egg, you could actually taste the creamy yolk flavor.  It was delicious!

This may be based on the fact that I am now completely spoiled with farm-fresh eggs every day, but we will continue to own chickens strickly for the eggs.  They are so delicious!

What has been your experience?

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  1. The biggest difference I notice is that store bought eggs have a weird aftertaste to them. Almost like a sulfur taste. I just assumed that was normal until I tried a farm fresh egg. No aftertaste!! I was sold right there! :)