Friday, March 16, 2012

Shipping Books Sold on Amazon

Earlier this week, I showed you how to list unwanted books on  Within 24 hours of me listing about 20 books, I sold 4! (Yay!)

This week, I will show you how easy it is to ship your books through Amazon.

Step 1: You will get an email

Step 2: Log into Amazon

Step 3: Click "Your Account" on upper right of page

Step 4: Click on "Your Seller Account" on the right hand side of the page

On the top left of your seller account page, it will show you how many books you have to ship.

Step 5: Click "View Unshipped Orders"

The next page will show you what you need to ship.

From this, screen, you can print a packing slip, buy postage from Amazon and notify the buyer that the order was received and shipped.

Step 6: Print packing list

This will tell you where the book is being shipped as well as a packing slip to put in the mailer with your book.

Step 7: Buy shipping service from Amazon

You enter the weight of the book.  I usually just type in the "suggested" weight, as I dont have a scale.

Step 8: Choose your shipping option

I choose Media Mail, because it is the least expensive and books can be shipped this way.
I also pay $0.19 for a delivery confirmation, just so I know when the customer receives their book.

Step 9: Confirm shipping price and click "Buy shipping services & confirm shipment"

Step 10: Print the shipping label

Step 11: Package your book and put it out in the mail for the mail carrier to pick up!

There you have it!
It is that simple to list your books and to get them out of the house (along with  making a little extra money).

Good luck and happy selling!

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