Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Selling Unwanted Books on Amazon

Last year, I had success selling unwanted books* through  In this post, I will show you from the very beginning how easy it is to list, sell and ship books through Amazon.  This post assumes that you already have an account set up.

Step 1: Sign In to your Amazon account

Step 2: Click on “Your Account” in the upper right of the screen

Step 3: Click on “Sell Your Stuff” on the right side of the screen

Step 4: Enter the ISBN number from the back of the book

Step 5: Once you enter your ISBN, find your book and click "Sell Yours"

Step 6: Enter information about book

In the lower right of the screen, you will find pricing information on the book you are trying to sell. It gives you the list price, and what other people are selling the book for.  This one, as you can see, does not sell for much.  I will list it at $0.01, and will still make a little bit of money (because Amazon charges more for shipping than what it really costs to ship an item.)  You want to make sure you sell your books for enough that you actually make money.  I sold one at $0.01, and I forgot all about the Amazon fees!  I made nothing on it.

Enter the shipping method you prefer.  For me, I like to send it out myself, and I dont give expedited options. 

Click "Continue"

Step 7: Review your submission

As you can see, with this listing, after all of Amazon's fees are taken out and with the shipping credit, I would receive $1.66.  This doesnt seem like alot, but I will be listing about 25 books and it takes me about 15 minutes.  I will take what I can get.

Click "Submit your listening"

Step 8: Successful listing!

Congratulations! You have listed your first book!
To manage the books you have listed (you can adjust pricing and information you want to provide on the book), click the Manage Your Inventory link.  If you want to keep listing books, enter the ISBN number to the right, and you start the process all over again (starting with Step 5 above).

It really is THAT simple to start selling books on Amazon.
Once a book sells, I will walk you through how easy it is to ship the book.
Happy listing!!

*I generally do not buy books; however, my grandma and mom are always giving them to me!  After I read the book, I do not like them sitting around the house, so I sell them.  It cuts down on the amount of “stuff” in our home, and it makes us a little bit of money!

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