Thursday, March 22, 2012

You Know You're Frugal When...

I am a member of a great frugal messageboard, and a few months back, someone started a thread entitled "You know you're frugal when..."  I absolutely loved the responses.  They not only made me laugh, but made me realize how much in common I have with the members.
So, I am going to start a message here on the blog, because I want to hear what you have to say.

These are just a few from my own personal experience.

You Know You're Frugal When...
  • Even the dollar theater seems to be too expensive to watch a movie
  • You patch the same area of a pant three times in hopes to make it last just one more year (and then patch it again anyways)
  • You dont like to buy anything unless you determine whether or not you can make it yourself
  • Your favorite department store is the Thrift Store
  • Someone walks around with their new "name brand" purse and you remember that you got your vintage tan leather Gucci purse from a flea market for $10!  And the wallet inside cost less than $0.50! (I've had the purse for years, and I still love it!)
  • You balk at the vending machine because you know you can buy a box of animal crackers for the price of two small bags from said vending machine
  • You prefer making a homemade pizza for less than $1.00 instead of ordering a pizza from even your favorite pizza joint
  • You wont even spend $10 for a haircut at Great Clips (including tip) because you can do it yourself!
  • People make fun of how proud you are of your $2 shoes from a garage sale or $0.50 sweater from the Thrift Store
  • You realize that you are a minority in the way you think about money
  • You think your 5 1/2 year old, paid off vehicle with 145,000 miles on it is the best vehicle ever and you talk about driving it for another 200,000+ miles or until the wheels fall off!
  • You think the best meal out to eat is one that is free! (We love gift cards from Christmas, and use them sparingly throughout the year!)

These are just a few of mine.  What are yours?


  1. You annoy your spouse during neighborhood walks on trash day because you're bound to come home carrying something (2 5-gallon buckets last night - those would have cost $10 at Home Depot!)

    You still think your 13-year-old 223,000 mile car is the best vehicle ever....purchase cost/depreciation + all repairs on this car have literally only cost 6 cents per mile!!!

    1. Oh my goodness...YOU ROCK! Compeltely things I do (trash day) and I love that your car has 223,000 miles on it! May I ask what kind of car you have?

      Originally, when I bought my car (Toyota Yaris), I wanted to get 250,000 miles on her. Every time I inch closer, I think that I'd like to see 500,000 or even a million miles! :-)

    2. It's a 1999 Honda Civic. Bought it in 2005 with 105,000 miles and said I wanted to get it to 200,000 miles. It's now been in 2 wrecks where I was sure it was totalled ($3500 in repairs each time). And yet it keeps coming back to us. I'm now thinking 300,000 miles...but anything is possible. It is now the secondary car to the 2003 Subaru Forester so the 2nd 100,000 miles is going to take more time.

  2. You know you're frugal when...

    You add water to BBQ sauce, spaghetti sauce or milk to eggs to make them last longer. (Hubby has yet to catch on.)