Thursday, May 5, 2011

2011 Garden

I absolutely love to garden!  Last year was the first year we had a true garden.  Years before, I had a cute pot bellied pigger that would eat the vegetable plants before anything could grow on them! 

Last year, Todd built me a pig-proof garden.  The fence was made out of oak planks that Todd got from work for free.  Good thing, too, because the nutriet-rich soil we purchased was pretty expensive.

Do you see all the green inside the fence?  Those are the weeds that I havent gotten to yet.  I have worked several evenings after work for the past couple of weeks and the weeds are still horrendous.  I feel like all I do right now is weed.

Luckily, we are able to add more mounds to the garden so that I will be able to plant even more veggies.  I'm not sure if it will happen this year, but it will happen eventually.  I would love to grow enough food to last the entire winter months.

This is what we have growing right now:


Lonely Grape Tomato Plant (given to me by a friend)

Pea Pods (my first time growing them)

Potted Blueberry

Dwarf Plum

Raspberry Patch

One (of two) Pear Tree

Apricot Tree
I cant wait to start planting some warm-weather plants in the upcoming weeks.  We had a frost last night, so I decided to wait until after vacation.

Last year, I computed that the garden cost us over $300 for the soil and supplies needed to build the garden.  We did not see a $300 return on investment in my mind with the produce.  However, we still have plenty of nurient-rich soil left in a pile to add additional beds in the garden, and there are no other expenses but buying some zuke, cuke and tomato plants.

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  1. My garden is still full of weeds in parts, too. All of this rain is making them take off, and stopping me from being able to get them out! I'm jealous of your raspberry patch! I bought 2 plants from Walmart, and neither one seems to be living now. :(

    So happy you joined in this week! Hope you link up again next week. :)

  2. Weeds--one reason I decided to do raised bed gardening! I am feeling the lack of space, though, so I guess it's one trade-off or another! Good luck!

  3. wow! you're growing strawberries in ohio? cool beans... I have one strawberry plant my daughter bought me for mothers day (from the library sale) and I'm slowly killing it?
    any suggestions?

    Thanks for coming over to Corn in my coffee-pot! Pat

  4. LOL. I am pretty sure I killed 49/50 of my strawberry plants for the second year in a row. The ones you see in the picture were ones I potted several years ago. They did great over the winter - they were under about 3 inches of leaves. I planted them in the garden hoping they would thrive, and they are. Lets see when we actually get a strawberry!

    I wish I could tell you how NOT to kill them, but I cant. Sorry. :-) My luck with strawberries is not the best lately, it seems.