Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saving Money on Vacation: Day 2

After settling into our cabin, we decided we wanted to go see what was called Seneca Rocks.  Todd loves rocks and quite frankly, if he’s happy, I’m happy. I’m just along for the ride. 

We drove 45 minutes East to Seneca Rocks, and this is what we experienced:

We wanted to go on a trail a mile and a half up for a better view of the Seneca Rocks, but the trail was closed until August.  So, we wandered around for a little bit until we found the Site’s Homestead.  This is an old cabin from some of the first settlers into the area.  The Site’s Homestead, though pretty rough, was absolutely free to walk through and to read up on the family and way of life. 

Walking through the house made me want to homestead and “live off the land” even more than ever.  I like to imagine what it was like way back when without all of the modern conveniences.  I always say that I’d love follow along with an Amish woman for one day…except for all of the cleaning and work they do! Hubby seems to think I wouldnt make it two hours with an Amish woman...and I'm sure he's right!

After we were done with the Site’s Homestead, we decided to check out the trail that was closed to Seneca Rocks and decided to walk along the creek.  I love these pictures of the creek.

We walked quite a bit down the creek and instead of turning back, Todd decided he’d like to find his way back to the parking lot through the woods.  Let’s just say that I was tripping all over the place, slipping on mossy rocks, and sliding down hills.  I was not a happy camper. Todd turned around, asking me if I was OK.  I informed him that I would not be OK until he found us some asphalt!

We (meaning Todd) found asphalt.  Phew.
We walked back to the car and made a picnic lunch of hoagies with turkey, roast beef, mayo, tomato and onion.  It was even better than it sounds. 

Afterwards, we decided to continue on our exploration around the Monongahela National Forest. 

Tomorrow, I will continue on about the second day of our frugal trip through the Monongahela National Forest. 

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  1. I always thought I could live an Amish life style. I like the simplicity of their lives but I don't agree with their religion.
    I don't need all the modern conviences. But I do like my computer. And I have a new found love of blogging!!