Friday, September 2, 2011

Amish Country

Todd and I have always enjoyed going to Amish country.  We are fortunate enough to live about 20 minutes from a large Amish community and about an hour and a half from one of the largest Amish populated counties in Ohio, Holmes County, OH.

Last weekend, we decided to make the trek down to Holmes County to see what may have changed and to enjoy the Amish surroundings and simplicity. Here are a few pictures from our journey:

On the road at 6:30 in the morning.

I love this picture of a farm.

Amish School

Heini's Cheese : You get to taste all of their cheeses! They are so good!!

Beautiful stained glass window inside Heini's Cheese.

I like this brochure picture and saying.

This is where Todd & I got married 05/03/2007

A picture of the B&B we got married at.  We visit every time we go to Amish Country.

When we go to Amish country, I am revived and want to build our homestead to be as self sufficient as possible.  I enjoy driving around Amish country and seeing the solar panels on the roof, the farm animals, people working and tending the fields and setting up produce stands at the side of the road.  I kick myself for not keeping up with my garden and reaping it's harvest as the Amish and our ancestors have done so long ago.  Next year I will attempt the garden and harvesting again and will hopefully be motivated enough to keep up with it.

We are striving for a more simple, self-sufficient life: we have alot to learn from these wonderful people. 

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  1. Lovely photos. It all looks so peaceful and serene.

    kateri @

  2. Oh my goodness! I've always wanted to visit the Amish Country. Love your photos..thanks for the visit!

  3. I love Amish country...we visited last month for a couple of days and how I'd like to pack up and move there! Until then, it's only a 2 hour drive away so it's a nice weekend escape.

    I love Heini's cheeses...especially the peanut butter fudge cheese. OMG. We took the kids to Lehman's, to Charm to see Big Ben, to Berlin for a mini-train/buggy ride and of course, we hit up the cheese/meat/candy/quilt shops.

  4. I love Holmes County, too! Terry (Rachel's dad) and I spent a lot of time there before we had kids and got to know some of the lovely people. (Almost moved there!) Beautiful photos!

  5. I love Amish Country too. I live about an hour away from Lancaster Pa, its another large Amish community. Now I'm craving some fresh cheese.

  6. We love Lancaster, PA too! We went for an anniversary a couple of years ago, staying in a Mennonite Stone Cottage from the 1800's. It was awesome and we talk about going back all the time! :-)

    Todd and I are drawn to the Amish way of living and culture.

  7. Great pictures! Thanks for letting us tag along on your trip! :)

  8. Can't wait til we have a house and I can start a garden! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love this! My family and I go to Lancaster Co., Pa and love that area. Last time we went they had an Amish Festival and we were the only outsiders there it was so much fun.

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  11. Hi, I found you through a closed Wednesday blog hop, but thought I would check you out anyway and really liked what I found. I went to Amish Country in Lancaster several times when I was younger and have been yearning to again. I have also been intrigued by the homesteading lifestyle, but haven't been able to follow through on it. I would love to read your blog regularly for inspiration though! Please feel free to check out my blogs also. Hope you are having a great day! If you like either one (or both), please follow. Thanks! Looking forward to getting to know you. BTW, have you ever been to the Good Life Center in Maine. It was the Maine homestead started by Scott and Helen Nearing, but is now run by a non-profit organization to educate and continue their legacy. Google it, I think you'll like it.
    They give free tours.
    Mary Ellen

  12. we recently went to amish country for a little getaway a couple weeks ago. it was our first time visiting, and we loved it and can't wait to go back! lucky for us we found a nice place to stay for very little money and we only live 2.5 hrs away, so it makes for a frugal trip! love the photos- we will have to go back during a warmer season next time!