Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Garden Update: I Give Up!

I have had it with the weeds this year, and I have given up on my garden.  We are still picking tomatoes, green peppers and zukes, but I have done nothing else with the garden.  I cant pick the weeds fast enough to get them under control.

This is what we are dealing with:

Looking into the garden - aka Weed Fest 2012!

Green Peppers

Last (barely) Surviving Zuke Plant

So much for wanting to get enough tomatoes to can and make salsa this year.  Maybe next year.


  1. We were fighting weeds ourselves until we gave this method a try. Around the garden beds we laid out newspapers, all over, completely covering everything except the hole or row that was planted. Then we covered everything in straw. Each time weeds started to grow, on went more straw. We had to pull only a few stray blades of grass. Then at the end of the growing season you till the straw into the ground to amend the soil- newspapers have already broken down by now. Other than the pumpkins, we trellised the vines (cukes, etc) by installing cattle fence along the rows to keep everything off the ground. It works well if you don't mind the straw.

  2. I have heard laying cardboard down after planting helps also. I mulch around my plants to help control weeds and keep in moisture.

  3. Ha! That's exactly where I am with my garden right now, and weeds are the least of my problems! It's been so dry, and we're gone from home several days a week, so the poor plants have pretty much dehydrated. Even the chocolate mint gave out some time ago, and it usually grows like a weed! P.S. I use newspaper as a weed barrier--just take several sheets, wet 'em good, and lay it out like the weed barrier cloth (which I have bought for the LAST time--I've pulled up one too many weeds from growing right through it!). I haven't noticed many weeds at all in the ares that I covered with newspaper (mostly under my raised bed gardens).