Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cost Analysis of the Chickens (August 2011)

Last month, I wrote about how much it has cost us to own our chickens versus the number of eggs we have collected.  We are still on the first bag of layer feed for the chickens, so I thought it may be fun to have another cost analysis of the chickens vs. the eggs.

This is what our cost analysis looks like (as of 08/31/11):

Cost of chickens: $14.94
Cost of food: $51.45
Total Cost*: $66.39

Amount of Eggs collected through 8/31/11: 145

Cost per dozen: $5.49/dz

The question of the month: Are they worth it?
For yet another month, I say that yes, they are more than worth it!
We had a bit of a scare earlier last month when our pup plucked Blondie of her feathers, but after 4 days of loving care indoors with us and reintroducing her back into the flock, she is 100% (minus a few feathers.)  The way my husband took care of Blondie was completely selfless– I could tell that the chickens have made their way into his heart.  They are definitely part of the family now, and still an absolute blast to have around!

Next month, the price per dozen will be higher as we have to incur the cost of another 75 lb bag of their food.  I am interested to see how long it takes 3 chickens to go through 75 lbs of food and how many eggs we get!

*These totals do not include housing the chickens.  It cost us nearly $200 in materials to build the chicken tractor. We plan to keep the chicken tractor for many generations of chickens.

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