Friday, October 25, 2013

A New Member of the Family

I wrote a list of New Year aspirations at the end of last year as I do every year.  One of the things I did NOT want to do this year is to take in any new pets.  We were (what we thought) maxed out with one dog, four cats and chickens at the end of last year.  June came around and there was a dog that showed up at our back step and adopted us.  After trying to find his owners and a home for over a week, we fell in love with him and kept him.  I told Todd, “no more!” 

Fast forward to Monday, October 7th when two gentlemen I work with come up to my desk in a tizzy saying I have to come to the warehouse immediately.  I was busy and I was going to miss some deadlines if I ran to the back, so I asked if it could wait. In unison, they said, “NO!”  I go to the warehouse to find a teeny tiny kitten in a box that was rescued from in between two pieces of metal on our loading dock.  Apparently, he had been crying all day but it wasn’t until the end of the day that the Shipping Manager realized it wasn’t just a bird squawking in the trees.  As soon as I picked the little fur-ball up and warmed him up under my chin, I declared that I’d take him home (after clearing it with Todd, who is a sucker for kittens.)

I took the little kitten home and warmed him up while Todd picked up kitten formula on his way home from work.  The kitten had no teeth, and I knew he was really young because he could barely walk.  It took us a week and a half to name the little guy (I think it’s a boy: we have tried to sex several kittens in the past and we have been wrong half the time!).  Originally, we called him Dock, but it didn’t really stick.  Then, we tried Smudge because he has an orange smudge on his forehead – that didn’t stick.  We started calling him Ewok because he looks like an Ewok, and that name didn’t stick.  The only name that stuck was Romeo.  Why would we call this cat Romeo?   Because he is a little lover boy.

We still have no idea how old Romeo is.  He may have been less than a week old when he was rescued from the loading dock at work.  Kittens are supposed to start using the litter box at 20 days old; however, Romeo just finally started to walk without toppling over a few days ago.  We have had to use cotton swabs on his bum to make him go to the bathroom 3-4 times a day.  He now has most of his teeth, so we are trying kitten food along with his bottle, but so far, he hasn’t eaten any of it.  We are also working on litter box training.

It is definitely fun to have a little kitten around, but oh my goodness, the laundry!  I was doing a load of towels every other day because he was soiling them when he slept!  It is so much fun now that he is starting to explore and he is growing out of his sea legs.  He will be neutered and up to date on his shots by the New Year, and he is definitely a keeper. 

I have a weakness for animals, especially cute fuzzy ones (they are all cute and fuzzy to me by the way.)
I believe we are completely maxed out on animals now with 2 dogs, 5 cats and some chickens.  However, if there is a helpless animal that cannot fend for itself, I’m sure we’d take him in a heartbeat.  I am so thankful my husband understands my need to help these critters. 


  1. It does look like an Ewok! I'm glad someone found him and you agreed to take him. This little one was way to young. It looks like the dog loves it as well. Sweet kitten.

    1. It's hard to believe we've had Romeo for 6 weeks now. He is completely litter box trained and as of just a few days ago, he eats regular kitten food! YAY! So much easier to take care of him, and he is just a blast to have around. The dogs arent used to all the playing, but they are doing well with Romeo. :-) I want him to stay this age and size forever. So spunky. :-)