Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Compassion International

Over the past two years, my husband and I have sponsored a child named Anabel from Bolivia through Compassion International.  Interacting with Anabel has put many things into perspective for me over the years and I have come to enjoy our correspondences back and forth.  The donation is $38/month to help Anabel with her schooling, food (and clean drinking water), medical care, teaching her about Jesus and anything else she may be in need of.  Do you remember when you had a pen pal back in Elementary School and would get excited to see a letter in the mail from them?  That’s me when I get a letter from Compassion International with the words, “Message From Your Sponsored Child” on the front of the envelope.  My spirits are instantly lifted, and I look forward to what Anabel has written, drawn and/or colored for me.  I receive letters from Anabel’s tutor at school as well as from her mother.  I get great encouragement from these women! 

A Letter I Received 10/12/13
Anabel has a baby brother who was born almost a year ago.  I recently learned that when he is registered into the Compassion International system, Todd and I will have the opportunity to sponsor him as well.  I did not know this until recently, but we are able to purchase gifts through Compassion's Gift Catalog and they will be given to Anabel and her family.  We are having a hard time deciding what they may need so we may just give the family a monetary gift.  The best part is that when we give money as a gift to Anabel and her family, 100% of the money goes to them - no administrative fees are taken out.  

The reason I am writing this post is because the cutoff for a child to be guaranteed to receive a Christmas gift through Compassion is October 31st.  What greater gift for these children than to learn that they are prayed for, thought of and loved!  When I think about $38/month, I can’t help but think about how many children we could sponsor with the money we waste each month on going out to eat, gasoline for vehicles for unnecessary driving, not to mention “stuff” we don’t need.  $38 will make a huge impact on a child living in poverty.  I ask that you consider sponsoring one (or more!) of these amazing children, help a family become sufficient enough to grow their own food by donating seed packs or donating livestock so that a family can eat, breed and barter the animals. 

I cannot tell you how humbling it is to learn about and love one of these children.  Todd and I look forward to sponsoring Anabel’s brother (Juan Daniel) and more children in the very near future.  

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