Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cleaning Routine: Tuesday (Dusting)

I like waking up to a clean kitchen and bathroom on Tuesday morning!  It makes my routine so much easier by getting these two tasks done first thing in the week.  Today, I will show you my Tuesday routine.

Morning Routine

(I have an hour and a half from the time I wake up until the time I have to leave for work in the mornings.)

  • Laundry (3-4 days/week)
  • Make the Bed (3 days/wk)
  • Dishes: If the dishes were done the night before, I unload them in the morning.  Otherwise, I put the dishes from breakfast into the dishwasher.
The bed was made!!

Evening Routine

  • Dusting*
    • Bedroom
    • Family Room
    • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
    • Wipe down dining room table
    • Dishes either washed or put into dishwasher to wait for a full load
    • Put everything on the counter-tops in its proper place
    • Wipe down counters
    • Empty recycle bin (if needed)
    • Take out the trash (if needed)
    • Clean the top of the stove
  • Laundry
    • Put away clean clothes 
*We have a living room that is currently under construction.  We also have a spare bedroom that is in complete disarray right now.  When these two rooms get put back together, they will be added to my dusting routine.

Time to complete dusting: 20
Time to complete kitchen: 10
Time to clear miscellaneous surfaces: 20 minutes

Do you see how much dust accumulates in our house after just 1 week?!?
(I dusted the edge of the amoire to show you.)

The first few weeks, I focused on just the flat surfaces to dust.  After getting into a routine, I was able to blow through these rooms in no time.  I then started to dust the tchotchkes, picture frames, lamp-shades and getting cobwebs out of the corners of the ceiling!  I cannot believe how much dust accumulates in our home within a week!  Because dusting does not take that long, I use this time to try to pick up the rooms a little bit and put items in their proper places.

On this particular cleaning day, I dusted the air intake vent which has needed dusted for a long time (as you can see).  I also cleaned up the table next to the couch where I sit and the fireplace.  I have been trying to get our important paperwork filed, but everything just sat there by the fireplace for weeks!  

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