Friday, July 1, 2011

Frugal Finds

This week, my "frugal find" wasnt actually at a garage/yard sale or a flea market:  it was something that came to us in our mailbox.  It was a postcard to lock in the rate for our propane at a pretty good price ($1.99/gallon) for the year.  This was the same utility that I fought to get lowered last year, so I decided I better go and lock in our rate before they increased by the end of the year.

The postcard stated that we had to go and sign up during "Family Fun Day" they had going on Saturday, the 25th.  I really didnt want to go, so I called to see if they would lock it in over the phone - they wouldnt.  Saturday morning, I planned my day around getting to the propane gas company by 10 to lock in our rate.  I'm glad I did.  I got there just as they started the "Family Fun Day" and it was packed! 

It took me less than 15 minutes to lock in our propane rate until March 31, 2012, eat some of the free food they provided, and get our grill propane tank filled for $10! By taking 15 minutes out of my day, we will be saving over $500 this year in propane costs!

$10 Propane Refill

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  1. My son has been wanting to redo his room for a year now. No more bedroom...he wants more of a den atmosphere. About 8 months ago he took apart his loft bed and has been sleeping on a mattress. This week I have been able to find for table with storage and matching end table with storage and a solid wood futon like new. Now to find him an entertainment center hopefully for free also.