Friday, July 15, 2011

Newton Falls, OH 44444

Newton Falls, OH is where my husband and I have called “home” for the past 4 years. Moving from Akron, OH, this was a big change of pace for us.  We went from living on top of our neighbors with the hustle and bustle of the city to complete silence and tranquility.  The town of Newton Falls has 3 stop lights that I can think of, and if you blink while driving through town, you may just miss it! 

Fun Facts:

Newton Falls
·        is one of only three zip codes in the United States with matching digits
·        population of only 5,000 residents
·        has the oldest remaining covered bridge in the State of Ohio
·        still has a full service gas station
·        is located next door to Lordstown (aka Chevy Country), the manufacturing facility to the Chevy Cruze

The 4th of July is always a blast here in Newton Falls.  Even though we have a population of a little over 5,000 people, visitors from all around come for the 4th of July festivities including a week-long fair, an incredible parade, and the best 4th of July fireworks display I’ve ever seen!  It has been noted that over 40,000 people come to Newton Falls for the 4th of July festivities!  And remember, we only have 3 stop lights!

People driving into town to watch the fireworks.

One major event that happened in Newton Falls a few months ago was a train derailment!  This is a picture of the train that derailed off of the bridge and onto the road!  Thank goodness no one was driving under the bridge that morning.  We had black vehicles with tinted windshields buzzing around town for over a week to determine the cause of the derailment.  This is about as fun as it gets around here.  There was a buzz around town for weeks after the train derailed!

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The place I visit the most is the local library: I go at least twice a week to pick up books and DVD’s I’ve requested from other local libraries.  We save a lot of money by watching DVD’s and getting resources from this library.

There really isnt much to do or see here in town, but we are close enough to Youngstown, Warren and the Pennsylvania border that we can find things to do.
Even though we live in a remarkable town, this is my favorite place to be:

Home with Hubby & Puppy

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  1. What a nice place. I will have to write about ours- it's really tiny. We have one stop sign, a firehouse, an auto repair shop, and a fruit stand. We lost our entire business district when the little corner store burned to the ground! The neighboring town has a gas station, a stop sign, three churches and two taverns. The taverns were winning for awhile until the Baptist church in our town was hit by a tornado and had to move temporarily. LOL!

  2. Ok you inspired me! I will work on writing up about our home town this weekend. Just a few questions since I am new to this. How do I link up and put a link of yours on mine?

  3. It was so fun to read you were from Newton Falls. I am from Leetonia...about 20 minutes south of Youngstown. I've never "met" anyone blogging who was from that close by.

  4. Fun! We have no lights, and no stop sign even through the main drag. We have a library open three days a week. Some churches, three places to eat, and two grocery stores. And two bars. We've got a lot of great people we've met since moving here in January.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful place to live! :)