Friday, July 1, 2011

Exciting News!!!

I have done pretty well with my own personal unplug challenge these past 4 days.  However, since being unplugged, I have had alot of time to think about what is going on around me instead of being preoccupied with the internet and TV.  I started to second-guess my dreams of building our homestead.

After noticing the strawberry patch was completely overtaken with weeds, I decided to start pulling.  The garden is an absolute mess of weeds that are taking over everything, and I cannot keep up.  Upon picking, I found several chutes with new growth!  This lifted my spirits instantly and made me realize that this is what I want from my life! I need to learn to be patient and be more attentive to the blessings right in front of me before getting so discouraged.
With my moods lifted, I was doing some things in the yard.  I noticed that the chickens were awfully quiet, which makes me nervous.  I go over to where they were huddling, and this is what I found...

One of the chickens laid its first egg on the deck!  For some reason, they pecked at it, and it broke.  I then decided I should clean out their nesting box in their chicken coop in case they wanted a clean place to lay their eggs and look what else I found!

 How could I have missed the egg this morning? Or did they lay it during the day?  When I went out to shut them in their roost for the evening so no predators could get them, I found a third egg!  This one had been pecked at as well.

I wrote a blog about the cost of raising chickens without really having any experience.  Now the fun begins and I can determine how much they truly cost.  I started a file showing how many eggs we get each day versus the price of their feed.  I will start researching more natural ways to feed the chickens once this 50 lbs of layer feed is gone, and then determine how much we are paying per dozen eggs. 

Chicken Stats:
  • Breed:  Golden Sex-Link (just found this out thanks to this vlog!)
  • We lost one more chicken to a predator- leaving us with 3
  • The chics ate 40 lbs of "grower feed" the first 15 1/2 weeks of their life
  • They started laying eggs after 10  days of switching to "layer feed"
For anyone who is still on the fence about raising chickens, I will tell you - they are so much fun! They make me laugh every time they follow me around the yard (always) and when they go running full-speed ahead! 

I cant wait to see how many more eggs we get throughout the Summer and Fall.  If anyone knows why they peck their eggs and how to prevent the pecking of eggs, please let me know.


  1. Congrats!
    You don't want them pecking at the eggs though, they'll eat them on a regular basis. You might consider adding some oyster shell to their diet and it should take care of the pecking of the eggs.

  2. First eggs are so exciting!

    As Lisa said, add oyster shell to their diet. Also consider putting a wooden egg (the kind in the craft stores) in the nest for a few days. When they can't eat it, they usually stop trying.

    With just 3 hens you should be able to feed them entirely without commercial feed. Especially if you have a garden.

    Good luck!

  3. We are currently feeding them eggshells but I will definitely be getting them the oyster shells! Thank you so much. And great idea about the wooden egg. I've also seen people put golf balls in the nest. I may go to a few garage sales this morning in search for either!


  4. Whoah you are becoming my hero! My personal dream is to live off the grid and have no utility bills. But to raise animals is a whole new level that I hadn't even begun letting myself dream about (yet)

  5. Thank you, Antonio. It's been alot of fun. What are you waiting for?!?

  6. I've raised chickens before, and I loved it!! Now hubby and I are in a teeny tiny duplex with no yard for chickens :-( But with little baby on the way, we'll be moving within the next few months and hoping to have some yard to have chickens again! Love those farm fresh egg! Just do be careful if the chickens start eating their own eggs because, last time I checked, there's nothing you can do to break the habit except kill the chicken that's doing it!

  7. My friend raises chickens and brings a lot of eggs to work will ask her for pointers:)