Thursday, July 7, 2011

Garden Progress: July 7th

Our garden is still full of weeds, but we are producing! It feels like the garden is taking a bit of time this year to get going, but this may be due to all of the rain we had.  The weeds are thriving better than any other plant we have in the garden (figures!)!  We are currently brainstorming about a new garden area next year with more sun and hopefully less weeds! 

This is a picture of the product I’ve picked this week:

There are several snow peas, two cherry tomatoes and a pepper. As you can see, there isn’t enough to sustain us through the week, but my dream is to be able to sustain ourselves throughout the year with fruits and vegetables from the garden(s).

As a side note, our chickens started producing eggs July 1st!  This is what we've gotten so far this week:

The white one are from the store that we havent eaten yet.  Only one chicken seems to be producing any eggs, and it is once a day.  I'm not sure which one it is, but hopefully I can catch the egg-layer this weekend so I know for sure!  On Friday, 3 were laid, but two were pecked.  Now, we've had just one every day since.  Arent the eggs beautiful?  Todd and I are both kind of scared to be the first ones to try them! Silly, I know.  I've had farm-fresh eggs before, but they are just too nice to eat right now!

How is your garden doing?

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  1. Way to go Meg!!! The vegs look great! I have lost count on the cherry tomatoes we have eaten, today I picked my first regular tomato, we have a ton more greenbeans growing, picked 2 cucumbers so far and tons of raspberries!

  2. What nice produce! The eggs too. Now that we have become used to fresh eggs, it's hard to go back, especially when you think of how old some of the store bought ones really are.

  3. Hi, followed you here from Homemaker by Choices blog hop. We started a garden this year. I have yet to harvest anything from it, but am pleased with how it is looking. I too dream of some day being able to sustain myself and my family with my garden. Blessings to your journey!

  4. It can be hard to get a garden to produce if there isn't enough sun. The eggs are beautiful~you know they will taste great!