Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vlog: Pollinating Zukes

In this Vlog, I show you how to polinate your own zucchini plants! For the past two years, we havent seen many bees, and I am not sure why.  So I have had to take it upon myself to polinate our zukes to ensure we get produce.  

(Please excuse the fact that this was taken at 6:30 AM while I was still recooping from a crazy 4th of July weekend with family and friends.  Also, the computer with video editing software is no longer working, which is why you see me swat at a skeeter at the end! This video is completely unedited...and it shows!)

You can see the zuke growing...only 2 days after pollinating!

I have wanted to keep bees for a few years now, but Todd finally gave in to the chickens this year after swearing since the day we bought this house that I would never have chickens (due to an incident as a child.) It may take a couple more years to talk him into letting me keep bees. :-)  I wont push my luck, just yet.  I'm thankful for the chickens and the eggs they are laying! 

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  1. Meg thanks for sharing that! I never knew you could do that. Maybe I need to do that with my squash. Now to figure out which is the male and which is the female

  2. I'm not sure if squash is the same as zukes, but with the females, there is a cluster of little things in there. The male is just one big pollen machine.

    Speaking of which, I have to go pollinate a few more flowers before work! :-)

  3. Hi Meg, thanks for weighing in! I've never tried handpollinating a zuc before, but you make it look really easy. You could save seeds off of it that way, since you know it didn't cross. Very cool!