Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Extremely Large Egg

Several weeks ago, one of the chickens laid a freakishly large egg.  On the scale of eggs, this would be considered an “XXL” in my book!  It is so big, it barely fits into the egg carton!

We have one chicken that is laying smaller eggs, one that is laying medium-sized eggs, and then one that is consistently laying pretty large eggs.  It is fun to go out and collect every day to see what we may have!  I am anxious to see if the XXL egg is a double-yolk or not!  We have had one “twin” in the 100+ eggs we have eaten from our chickens. 

Have you ever had a freakishly large egg from one of your chickens?


  1. I love it when the egg carton can't close :-)

  2. Once in a great while we get one. This is the last one. It was a double yolk.