Sunday, August 21, 2011

Video: Puppy on the Treadmill

I mentioned that my husband taught our puppy to walk on the treadmill.  This is a video of her taken this evening on the treadmill.

In front of her, hubby put a fan. She seems to like a fan blowing in her face while she walks.  She is walking at 2 1/2 MPH and does pretty well!  It kicks her butt after about a half an hour on the treadmill. 

So now, you get to see our "puppy" who is 14 months old and 60+ pounds getting her exercise.  We will use this on days that it is raining, snow on the ground, or just to help keep her out of trouble!  She is a completely different, well behaved puppy when she is exercised!!

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  1. Ahh! That is awesome!! I wish I had a treadmill!

  2. That is to stinking cute! Such a smart dog and a great idea! I want a treadmill too!

  3. I am here from the barn hop and we do the same thing with our Siberian Husky. She's overweight and wasn't getting enough exercise. In the cold Colorado weather, the last thing I wanted to do was take her out on a long walk so we trained her on the the treadmill! It does wonders!